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TORN BETWEEN TEMPATIONS - 1991 I started releasing my music in 1984 - the "cassette scene revolution" made it possible to record / dublicate / release / distribute from your living room. Whenever I had some songs finished that presented a certain period, I released them with the help of an uncontrolable amount of small labels - all just there for the music - worldwide. First on cassettes, later on CD-Rs. I never even tried to make money with my music by cooperating with any kind of "industry".

UNSOUND compilation CD All in all I really have no idea how many releases I have out. At least 40 I guess, plus countless tracks on compilations, cassette / Vinyl / CD. The ones presented below are some recent ones. Sometimes I find old cassettes of mine at download and/or shop_sites on the internet. There are still some "best of cassettes" (now as CDr) available from small labels. and http://tapeattack.blogspot.de has loads of the old original tapes avail for download, with cover.

Single with GREG DIGESU There must be a new generation of "Lord Litter fans", who take some of the old songs and put them on YouTube. I am not *ashamed* of anything I've ever done, though if I now listen to some of the old songs ... geeee .. heavy! I tried absolutely everything one can do with sound, from reduced folk to multi-layered soundscape, from screaming trashy to very mellow ... cooperated with wonderful people from all over the world. I always kept searching. I am continously recording and releasing - if you want some music .. just ask!

Lord Litter at Rate Your Music
Here is a good community-built music and film database, offering a list of my early releases, 1984-2000 (still quite some are missing) also has a link to Das Freie Orchester, the east german band I joined in 1989. Whoever created this list - many thanks!!

Lord Litter, 2017

Lord Litter : still dancin
... new release ...march 2014

John Armstrong & Lord Litter : Checkpoint Charlie
... online only, two versions... november 2013

Meta Georgia : Cream Of Tartar
... online and physical full lenght release ... october 2013

Charles Rice Goff III & Lord Litter : The Space-Erly Brotherse
... download for free ... march 2012

Meta Georgia : it's a gift
... ep ... march 2012

Lord Litter : no harm done
... full lenght ... january 2011

Litter & Leech : augmented reality
... full lenght ... august 2009

Lord Litter : Transition
... full lenght ... february 2008

The Velvet Flow : Boy of Marble
EP, Gaby Tiger and Lord Litter february 2008

Lord Litter : The Lost Files
... full lenght ... march 2007

Lord Litter : The Time Being
.....ep ....december 2006

Litter & Leech : Introducing
..... full lenght release ... march 2006

Der Mondäne Tiger .........
2 releases (ep / full lenght)........2006
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