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Lord Litter


LORD LITTER - The Time Being - cd

The Time Being

released december 2006 - Trash Tone Records
3 tracks

..a first glance into the forthcomming full lengh release Lord Litter's Deranged

1. Yummy Yummy Yummy (Resnick/Levine) 3:00
download MP3 (2,1MB)
..always LOVED this song .. tried to give it a completely different angle…

2. Donny Fester (Litter) 2:49
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... Donny Fester is one of the most obscure characters from the wonderful X-Files - all in all a quite *normal* being but with strange longings .. that makes Donny a part of us all…

3. Café Rosa (Litter) 3:01
download MP3 (2,1MB)
.. the wonderful VERY tiny club (now closed) where I had some GREAT gigs with Leech in 06 - met wonderful people/attitude .. never will forget ..

f e e d b a c k

Cheers to you LL.........as all 3 selections on your ' The Time Being ' cd...totally blew me away...and ' Donny Fester ' should win a grammy or something for the coolest performance and arrangement of the year , or the decade .

I know you answered the calling in your heart to focus on your music...with various warm-up exercizes and experiments that all connected and led to this masterpiece you have sent me . Knowing what you've been through and how much it meant to you....leads me to say that you have suceeded in a BIG TIME way...and the major sacrifice you made was a very bold and daring move in my opinion...and I just want you to know that I truly honor and appreciate it .

GREAT A-PLUS , 10********** effort my friend...and my most sincere *CONGRADULATIONS *.....cheers , Eddie Russel, DJ, Texas

I have just now returned to my computer and my CD player, and your disc has been in constant rotation All Afternoon !!

You really are heading into a very Unique and Special place with your music and with your approach now ("Yummy Yummy Yummy" especially: WHAT an AMAZING version of one of my all-time favorite songs as well!)

I cannot WAIT to hear the entire DERANGED album: PLEASE Be Sure to send me a copy as Soon as it is completed,
Gary Pig Gold http://www.GaryPigGold.com

Love these songs. The vibe and your recorded sound is awesome.
Greg D

from german magazine "Guitars Galore" 130, 31.12.2006 - http://www.twang-tone.de Lord Litter - The Time Being - CD, Trash Tone

Ein neues Lebenszeichen von Lord Litter, dem alten Haudegen der Berliner und internationalen Tape und independent online Radio Szene.
Drei Tracks im inzwischen schon typischen Litter Sound mit seiner ganz eigenen Aura. Unglaublich was der Lord aus dem alten Bubble Gum Klassiker des Ohio Express macht. Durch seine sonore Stimme, das reduzierte Tempo und ein quasi gothic country Arrangement bekommt der Song eine völlig neue Qualiät. Diese gothic atmosphere setzt sich fort bei "Donny Fester", einer Hommage an eine wohl völlig unterbewertete Figur aus den "The X-Files". Auch wenn das womöglich Manchen auf eine falsche Fährte lockt, ich muss hier an Paul Roland und seine Geister- und Voodoo-Geschichten aus den späten Achtzigern denken. Ganz großartig dann schließlich das Song Tribute für das Cafe Rosa in Berlin Mitte, das es leider schon nicht mehr gibt.

Insgesamt hinterlassen die drei Tracks einen Eindruck von wohliger Wehmut, wenn ihr wisst was ich meine. Wie wäre es mit einer Vinyl Veröffentlichung, Sir? **** Mike Korbik

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