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Lord Litter


LORD LITTER - The Lost Files - cd

The Lost Files

released march 2007 - Trash Tone Records
10 tracks

All the Angels have to die (Litter) 3:21
download MP3 (2,3MB)

The Spin - orchestra version (Litter / Russel) 4:05
download MP3 (2,8MB)

2005 .. oh what a painful year .. I realised that I needed a solid change to get back on the right track .. I was drowning in thousands of CDs for my radioshow(s)- listening to 5 CDs daily to find the perfect radio track was no longer inspiring .. it had become exhausting work - I drasticly slowed down radio/promo work to go searching for Litter The Musician - The very moment old-time friend Lefty Leech turned up again, we decided to start a acoustic duo - Litter & Leech .. first working out very own versions of songs that had inspired us for a lifetime .. (we're working eversince, now writing own/different material) ...

I started own recordings, realising I had no idea what to do .. all was kinda buried .. I dragged myself through pain and joy to finally find myself again. With the end of 2005 I made pre-final-mixes onto MiniDisk .. what happened next you can file that under digital disaster .. so these mixes on MiniDisk was all that was left from 2005. I forgot about it all- built a new studio and got blown away by all the great things that suddenly happened .. got to know extremely inspiring people .. the Litter & Leech concerts brought back life and I headed for the wonderful balanced existence that I now call my life.

2007, February .. I found that MiniDisk again and in no time mastered the tracks I found because now I realise all the dust that I was covered in, not seeing that I was onto something with these tracks - all still a bit unfinished/sketchy .. but I la la like it!!!.. so here they are .. hope you like 'em .. this is the step prior to what will become "Lord Litter's Deranged" - the release that I'm working on at the moment ..

Lord Litter (march 2007)

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