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LORD LITTER - The Lost Files - cd

still dancin

released march 2014 - Trash Tone Records
7 tracks
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In 2011 I released *No harm done*. On the cover my good old friend Mr. Skull was posing. He had been my partner, hosting the Shared Night concerts, that took part once a month at Berlin's B Flat club. Knowing that Mr. Skull is a friendly little skelleton, the title sounded obscure. Now Mr. Skull is residing in the Voodoo corner of my flat, because the Shared Night concerts are no more and Mr. Skull asked for a rest.

As soon as I released the CD .. WOOSH the hammer came down. Some kind of *Monster-flu* hit me and several other things turned my life into a .. lets say ... very complicated path. Somehow I managed, before *everything* became impossible, to record several new songs. The idea was to release them as *Still Dancing*. Based on *Last Dance*, a USA video documentary I had been in, presenting people living their dream. The meaning of the title was, that some people go to parties .. suddenly it's the last dance .. they realised they never danced and .. yes .. missed all the fun. I realised, that after all these years I am still dancing. Still living my dream, still playing music ..'n all that ...

When the songs were finished life was *raging* so I put the release on halt and struggled on. One more part of the disaster puzzle. My hard disk went bang and the production was gone. Something very similar had happened in 2005 - digital disaster, production lost .. found a mini disk later with almost finished mixes, released them as *The Lost Files*.

This time my girlfriend found a CD with final mixes of *Still Dancin* in her archives in late 2013. So with a little delay here it is: Still Dancin, 7 songs from late 2011. Listening to them now prooved that I had accomplished exactly what I was looking for in these days. Some of the lyrics almost seem premonitious, like *the concept*, which is about love. 3 months after I recorded the song I finally met *the girl* ...

We now have a duo - Meta Georgia. two voices, two guitars .. and a uke. Musical structures I had developped for *Still dancin* are now a perfect part of our duo. Slowly I feel the urge to get back to solo recording ... yes .. still dancin!!!

Lord Litter, march 2014

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Still Dancin, Lord Litter's latest solo album, begins with Barego, great off-kilter piano-based pop with jazz sections and a dreamlike psych-folk diversion right at the end. The Concept features wordless harmony vocals, ukulele and assorted found sounds as the basis for a wonderfully bizarre psych-pop song. Fate is Rising is an ingenious slice of psych-folk-pop that meanders along doing its own thing, diverging down unexpected routes on the way. The Plot Kept Draggin' On combines jazz, psych-rock, sophisticated pop balladry, and a warped version of blues. The World of Loud is intelligently quirky art-pop that jumps around at strange tangents, taking on elements of a variety of genres such as blues, folk and psych, but ultimately transcending every existing style.

... The vocal harmonies may invite comparisons to The Beach Boys, and the experimental psych-folk aspect may remind one of The Incredible String Band, but ultimately comparisons are pointless because Lord Litter is a true original thinker who is making music completely on his own terms. This album represents one of the most creative, inventive forms of musical expression I've heard for a while, and I highly recommend it...

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Lord Litter – Still Dancin’ (CD, Trash Tone)

Still Dancin'Die letzte Platte, die ich von Lord Litter zu hören bekam, das war sein neues Projekt Meta Georgia im vorigen September, das er zusammen mit seiner Partnerin Hilke Hesse betreibt. „Still Dancin’“ dagegen ist eine Sammlung von Aufnahmen, die bereits vor drei Jahren entstanden. Inspiriert von einer Video Dokumentation mit dem Titel „Last Dance“, in der er auch selbst vorkommt, und die Leute zeigt, die ihren ganz eigenen Traum leben, hat der Lord sieben Songs geschrieben und aufgenommen. Die Aufnahmen blieben dann erstmal liegen, weil andere Dinge drängten und wichtiger wurden. Und dann gab es einen Festplatten Crash und die Sache schien unwiederbringlich verloren. Aber Hilke fand eine Kopie der Aufnahmen in ihrem Archiv. Und hier sind sie nun.

Eine seltsamere und verschrobenere Kollektion von Musik hab ich schon sehr lange nicht mehr gehört. „Barego“ klingt wie eine Hommage an einen Phantasie Ort irgendwo im frühen 20. Jahrhundert, ein Exil womöglich. In Prag gibt es eine Bar mit diesem Namen. Wenn es die 1930 schon gab… dann vielleicht ist sie es. „The Concept“ erinnert mich irgendwo an Brian Wilson und die Beach Boys. Ein erst jetzt aufgetauchter Outtake der Smile Sessions? „Fate Is Rising“, einfach nur schrullig. „Reality came back to town, greetings with a frown…” klingt eigentlich gar nicht real. Eher schon wie eine Mischung aus – ja was eigentlich? Genauso „The Plot Kept Draggin’ On“, das erinnert mich an Robert Wyatt, an Canterbury, aber dann auch an Van Dyke Parks auf eine Art.

Intime, ziemlich verschrobene aber auch irgendwie sehr schöne Songs sind das. Sehr zurückhaltend aber angemessen instrumentiert. Und dann singt der Lord mit sich selbst im Duett und man sitzt da und lächelt. Zum Schluss dann der wirklich schrulligste Track dieser kleinen Sammlung. „I’m so happy it all works out, I left the world of loud.” Dazu erklingen allerlei Perkussionsinstrumente, eine Mundorgel und wohl auch eine Gitarre. Schräg. ***1/2

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